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Turn your gas emissions into city profits

Maximize the return on your wastewater biogas

We offer customized roadmaps for cities to turn biogas into valuable renewable natural gas (RNG):

  • Identify potentially viable projects
  • Convene stakeholders
  • Select equipment suppliers
  • Assemble fuel customers
  • Capture environmental credits
  • Assess project payback

Biosolids Reduction Calculator

Estimate savings from enhancing your digester function and reducing your biosolids output.

Did You Know?

Improving your gas yields as part of an RNG project can significantly reduce the quantity and cost of biosolids disposal at your WWTP.


Annual Savings

Flare DRE < 99%: to years
Flare DRE >= 99%: to years

Payback Period

Drag the sliders below to display the desired value.

Average Biogas Flow in SCFM

Biogas Flow Value:

Flare Capacity in SCFM (should be greater than biogas flow)

Flare Capacity Value:

Annual Biosolids Handling Cost

Handling Cost Value:

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